Integrity Bank Plus - Sign On Instructions
1. Enter your Username and Click “Login”

2. Enter your Password and Click “Login”

3. An image will be assigned to you.

4. You will be prompted to create an Image Authentication Phrase. Your word or phrase cannot contain special characters (such as commas, colons, number signs, etc.) Please use letters and numbers only. THIS IS NOT A NEW PASSWORD. The phrase will simply be visible to you below your image to give you additional security that this is the site.

5. You will then be prompted to select three different challenge questions. Click on the arrow to show the challenge questions available to you. Your answers are not case sensitive.

6. Once all three questions are selected and answered, you will have the option to register the computer. Typically you will access our website from one or two computers, such as your home or work computers. If you choose to register these computers, our website will remember your computer and allow for faster login. If you do not register your computer, you will be prompted to answer the challenge question(s) that you have previously selected. You should not register a public computer.

7. Click "Submit" to complete the login.

For non-registered computers: The maximum invalid attempts per challenge question is two with the total invalid attempts for all challenge questions is five. The questions will randomly appear. You only have to answer one question correctly before accessing your information.

Download Instructions