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** New ** Security Tips for Internet Banking
November  27  2013 - May  30  2014

Integrity Bank Plus is concerned for your security and wants to help you protect your personal information.  Public WiFi is inherently unsecure.  Anyone using public WiFi ought to do so with the understanding that all your personal information may be visable to a third-party stranger.

Six (6) Security Tips for Data Security

1. Do not use a public WiFi for shopping or banking transactions.

      2. For online banking and shopping while traveling, use your smartphone data plan.

      3. Always look for websites that have "https" in the address bar for security. 

      4. Never allow websites to store your username, password, credit or debit card numbers.

      5. Use a different username and pass word for each website you visit. 

      6. For maximum security, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Public WiFi, though convenient and often free, is not secure.  Be skeptical and take precautions to secure your computer, mobile device, and personal information.